Anonymous whispered: I just want Elsa and Revel to have crazy passionate sex, get married, make beautiful babies, and be happy! *cries*

In a perfect world that would be awesome! I can help with the passionate sex part…..writing a smutty sexy scene that could take place at any time before chapter 20. As for the rest of it….only time will tell. We’ve not reached the end of this adventure. 

Anonymous whispered: Can I just say this? Elsa was kicking ASS until stupid Fritz blinded her. And even after that, she STILL won the fight. Wow.

Well, Elsa is Saja descendant, after all. She wasn’t going to make it easy on Fritz who was a cocky asshole who really overestimated his opponent….though that powder did a lot of damage. Not enough to kill, that’s left up to the gash in her side and back, but enough to render her powerless for a short time. Still, never underestimate the power of a Frost Born.  

loveisacloseddoor whispered: Chapter 20 actually killed me and I have no idea how long I can wait until chapter 21. It's literally all I'm going to think about...



Soon, my dear, soon. I’m working on it as we speak =)

Just finished reading chapter20, still grasping for breath and unable to think clearly… Pain and blood is all I can see, and throw in one crazy Adrek who just lost his even crazier lover… How is Elsa going to survive with her already battered body? What about Revel, will he be strong enough to fight Adrek? Even more questions now arise. The plot twist of Adrek and Fritz as lovers was totally unexpected.

Who will come out alive? Who will die? Will Elsa be able to recreate our endearing Olaf? Her ice castle?

Here’s the beginning to count down for Ch21, and I will be holding my breath once again.

So many questions! I promise I’ll answer them all in due time. 21 is gonna be a crazy ride too but for different reasons, so here’s hoping we can all come out of this alive!

Anonymous whispered: In the very beginning, how long did it take you to mentally compose Revel's role and how he intertwine with the Frostberg sisters and the kingdom. I mean man, this story is so freaking unbelievably awesome and so deep, full of plots. You must have the entire story conjured up before you do each chapter. Revel's character is just so well written, damn I mean make everyone to fall in love with. You are a genius writer.

Plot wise, I’m a sucker for complexity. I love ready stories with complex plots and interwoven characters that pop back up like bombshells. That’s what I strive to write, and what I hope has happened with FTFTIN. When I settle down to write a chapter, I have a mental picture of what I want to convey to my readers and just go from there. I’m actually really horrible at writing within a timeline. I oftentimes like to stray away and write a scene that interests me, but I try to stop myself before I do, choosing instead to keep to my timeline so that I don’t burn myself out on fun scenes then struggle to write the in-between. 

Designing Revel’s character wasn’t all that difficult once I knew how and who I wanted him to be. As with all writing, characters change throughout the story as the author comes up with different scenarios, and Revel wasn’t immune to this. He was a lot more somber in the beginning when I started messing around with him in my head. As I wrote him, his personality started to come through as well as the possibility of deepening his interactions with the sisters. Everything else came about through basic plot changes.  

jenniferjuni-per whispered: Hoo boy. Chapter 20 was a doozy. Had to read me some Kristanna fluff to make me feel better! But you are a genius, my dear. If everyone in my house wasn't sleeping I would have been yelling GET UP ELSA FIGHT HIM NOW! And I have never been more satisfied at a character's death :-) *evil laughter* Great job, once again. Can't wait for the next one!

*bows dramatically* well thank you! I’m glad everyone is responding so well to 20. I was half worried I’d get screamy messages of WHO GAVE YOU THE FUCKING RIGHT?! or YOU BITCH YOU HURT ELSA AND KILLED MARSHMALLOW AND OLAF! But so far everyone is chill which is awesome. Hope 21 can live up to the trauma and pulse pounding roller coaster of 20!

Anonymous whispered: BTW 'Grats on 500, cant think of very many writers out there who deserve at least twice that. So congrats on 500, here's to 500 more!!!!!!


anna and elsa. They have the type of faces I like to draw so it’s easier for me to draw them as opposed to other disney princesses @_@

loveisacloseddoor whispered: Chapter 20 actually killed me and I have no idea how long I can wait until chapter 21. It's literally all I'm going to think about...

Soon, my dear, soon. I’m working on it as we speak =)



Broke 500 reviews, and I’m super stoked! Guys, you have no idea. I never thought I’d ever reach that many reviewers! You all are awesome. Seriously, awesome. I’m gonna have to do something special in order to celebrate.

Taking a small break from FTFTIN for a few days to…

LOL jenniferjuni-per, you goaded us into writing it! :P Gotta say I’m glad you did, you broke my block. :D Still coming along slowly though. not-so-secret-nerd might finish ahead of me.

Not likely….still have a lot to write and I won’t be home tomorrow. You might beat me to the punch on this one!


Archery!Anna to go with Knight!Elsa


Reblog if you think your voice is unattractive.






You don’t even understand.

it goes from like deep to girly, its so weird

My voice sounds like nails on a blackboard.

Speaking voice yes, singing? I kinda like my low voice for singing. 

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iklachomzwaartekracht whispered: Your way with words is just so utterly unbelievable. Chapter 20 was /amazing/ - seriously I still have shivers from, "Fritz, I'm the fucking Snow Queen." my god. eagerly awaiting more!



Oh my god, I had shivers writing that line! And I’m so happy you enjoyed 20. So much went on I was afraid it would bog the chapter down. 

no way Nerd, it was perfect

oh thank god XD




Work, I need to work, I need my mind to get out of the gutter and focus. *slaps cheeks* Yeah, embrace gutter-diving later.

gutter diving, now! I command you! we need it after reading ch 20.. XD

“Shall we?” Elsa held out her hand, smiling invitingly….

I like it so far! =D